eGo LCD Electronic cigarettes and eGo batteries with LCD screen

eGo-T with LCD Display 1100mah battery

eGo-T with LCD Display 1100mah battery

The eGo-T LCD battery is the perfect innovation for displaying the number of puffs you have made and the remaining battery power . Number of puffs reset automatically when you charge the battery .

It is compatible with the following electronic cigarettes :
  • eGo
  • eGo-T
  • eGo-C
  • Joye510 Electronic Cigarette Atomizers
  • Titan 510Electronic Cigarette Atomizers
A fully charged 1100mah battery will last the average vaper at least two full days. Expect to get somewhere between 600- 700  inhalations from this battery (depending on your usage).
The Ego T LCD battery comes with the new “5 click” on / off feature, thus making sure that battery doesn’t turn on accidentally if being carried around in your pocket for example.
Specifications : 
  • Capacity : 1100mah
  • Blue led in button
  • Color : Black matte or Silver
  • Length: 116mm (longer than standard battery because of LCD display)
To reset the LCD display to “0″ press & hold button for 15 seconds.

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