eGo LCD Electronic cigarettes and eGo batteries with LCD screen

NOVA – electronic cigarette kit

Electronic Cigarette model 2014.

New electronic cigarette NOVA has a unique design, is light (42 grams), has protective cover for cartridge, LCD screen that shows battery level and number of “puffs” consumed. On both sides of the cartomizer it has one transparent window that allows viewing of liquid level.

The 650 mAh battery  can provide up to 500 “puffs”. When the battery begins to discharge the LED will flash 15 times in a row, indicating that it must be recharged.
Another thing that shows you the  innovative design of  NOVA cigarette  is that at the opposite end of the cartomizer (on the battery) it has a transparent star  through wich the light comes out.

Package contains:

- 1 complete electronic cigarette (  5 click battery + cartomizer)

- 1 cover for cartridge

- 2 mouthpiece

- 1 plug adapter

- 1 USB charger

- An empty bottle with dropper specially for   NOVA catomizer  recharge.


Advantages of this model:
The NOVA is one of the most recent innovations Sailebao performance. Other features NOVA stands  is  that  the LCD displays performed  inhalations and and inhalation remaining in the battery drain. It features a star-shaped light at the end of battery that activates when inhaled. Generates a considerable amount of vapours.


Technical data:

Length: 148mm

Weight: 42g

Cartridge Capacity: 1.2 ml of e-liquid

Battery protection 5 click system  (press the battery button 5 times within 2 seconds to stop / start battery)

The life of a cartridge: approx. 250 puffs

Battery Capacity: 650mAh

With fully charged battery the cartomizer produces approx. 500 “puffs”
Battery Life: 300 cycles.

Full battery charge time: 2.5-3 hours

Working temperature: -20 to 60 degrees

Colors: White

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